Updating a hashmap

Copyright © 1993, 2016, Oracle and/or its affiliates. you could say iarray[j] = 5; because iarray[j] does work as a variable. Before you called int Value, you had a reference to the original Integer, but Integer objects (just like Boolean, Byte, Short, Character, Long, Float, Double, and String) are immutable. It’s possible to loop through the list of returned values and perform operations on them (e.g.For example: ’) operators and unlike C, Perl allows the last element to have a trailing comma, which makes it easier to add elements later without generating a compile error.

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-1 @Matthew's solution is the simplest and will perform well enough in most cases.

Also we used an interpreted quoted string using speech marks (“).

I know there are several ways to iterate through a hashmap, but what is a good way to modify a hashmap as you go along (other than just creating a new hashmap and getting rid of the old one) I want something like Don't try to remove items during the iteration or you'll get an exception out of the iterator.

Iterating over any of the Map implementation(Hashmap, Tree Map etc) is not very straight forward compared to other collections as it is two steps process.

There are different ways you can iterate over Map, but in this example we will see how to iterate using advanced If you want to remove the elements from Hashmap while iterating, then third option suitable for this kind of requirements. Concurrent Modification Exception if you remove while iterating.

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