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Emily is intrigued and repelled, Alex feels his manhood is being challenged and Charlotte makes a play.

Meanwhile Kurt obsesses over his paintings of, um, buttholes. The Overnight is reminiscent of the sexual revolution films of the 60s’ and 70s.

Sex-mad revellers are heading to a secret Brit location for a four-day romp-athon.

Swingers pay up to £630 for glamping spots at the festival which is shrouded in privacy.

Tickets must be bought in advance, with organisers keen to avoid men rolling out of pubs "looking for a good time"."Pack hunting" and "gawking" at amorous couples is discouraged.

Single women can get tickets for a day for just £55, and all categories are cheaper for female guests, indicating the sex fest is more popular among men.

Before me in Toronto is a hopeful if somewhat nervous double threat, dapper in a well cut cobalt blue suit, phone firmly in hand as producer of The Overnight.

He’s pleased that the film topped the specialty box office in Los Angeles and New York last weekend but it’s clear he’s on high alert.

Bawdy and funny, dark and unsettling, sexy and weird, the intense romantic dramedy takes us through a gauntlet of relationship strains and tests. Jason Schwartzman, Max Moritt, Judith Godrèche, Adam Scott and Taylor Schilling in The Overnight.

I could feel the warmness from her hip and waist passing to my body.

She kept her hands pressed on my hands so that she is securing the grip position so that I don’t move my hands either upwards or downwards. I understood that Harini doesn’t want to give up easily and she want to fight with me to stop my idea of going for swap with virtual Canadian couple.

Vinod and I started working seriously on work items, Swathi as usual came to hall and sometime sat next to Vinod.

LONDON SWINGERS ADULT PARTIES where Single Males, Single Females & Swinging Couples can join in at a private sex party.

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