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A dental microwear analysis was performed in order to determine its former diet.The elevated number of fine scratches found in Malpaisomys molars suggests that it consumed a significant part of Poaceae, grass consumption leaving the most distinctive features on dental wear facets.Education reporter for CALmatters Jessica Calefati joins Insight to discuss the future of the scholarships and what alternatives are being presented.Malpaisomys insularis is a mouse-like rodent endemic to the eastern Canary Islands. It was a remarkable species living under hyperarid conditions.ETS - The Test Collection at ETS is a library of more than 25,000 tests and other measurement devices that makes information on standardized tests and research instruments available to researchers, graduate students, and teachers. SEARCH FOR SPECIFIC CONSTRUCTS This is an eclectic list composed of resources students and faculty have come across in their own research.The last update was July 2010, and this page is no longer being maintained.

However, how phytoliths impair herbivore performance is still unknown.

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Here, we tested whether the amount of phytoliths changes tooth wear patterns.

according to Robeson County Sheriff Kenneth Sealey.

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