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The order called for a 25% reduction in urban water consumption.

That means stricter code requirements for water efficiency in fixtures and appliances, mandates for replacing lawns with drought-resistant landscaping, and incentives for replacing older, less efficient home appliances.

Officials with the State Water Resources Control Board are calling it a "stress test." But what if many of the state's 400-plus local water agencies don't find much stress?

In Southern California, the city of Long Beach and the water provider for most of the Coachella Valley have gone on record saying they have identified enough water sources to meet demand, even if the state's historic drought grinds on to 2019.

We continue to offer free services, supplies and other incentives to help homes and businesses save water and money now and for the future. Yes, the following prohibitions against wasteful water use remain in effect and are permanent: 3. Whether you rent or own, pay your own water bill, or use water in a home, apartment, business, or other type of facility, there are plenty of ways to avoid waste and ensure your water use is efficient.

Performing a manual read on the water meter while all water fixtures and irrigation systems are turned off can also help identify silent leaks such as worn toilet flappers and breaks in the main water supply line leading into your home.

Early last year, CBIA commissioned a research report that shows how dramatically water use in new homes has been reduced over time, and makes clear that replacing fixtures and appliances in existing homes will achieve the greatest savings in residential use.

In fact, new homes in California can save 46,500 gallons of water a year — nearly 50% — compared with those built before 1980.

Municipal water agencies across California are required to report to state officials by midnight Wednesday on whether they have enough water to withstand three more years of drought.

If they don't, a new state conservation plan requires them to calculate how much they need to start saving to meet anticipated demand.

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