Jin akanishi dating

are both reporting this morning that recently rumored hot and heavy new celebrity couple of Akanishi Jin and Kuroki Meisa were not only dating, they were getting married AND she was two months pregnant. At least he’s doing right by her, and they are going public rather than skulking around.

Jin left I don’t have much to say, other than, er…..congrats?!?

Clubbing and karaoke are things to do for university students and young professionals in Tokyo on weekend nights.

” My Chinese friend, Jennifer, squealed these words to my French friend, Colette, upon learning that the guy Colette had just met at a night club gave her his phone number.

I love composing music, so I write a lot of stuff and just pick the good ones. I usually write songs [there] and then improve them in the [big studios where I record my albums]. When writing songs, I imagine myself on the stage performing them.

I have three new songs, and I’ve also included [elements of] Japanese culture into the show, because I want to expose Americans to the Japanese culture. I also have a section [of the show where I play] drums—Roland V-Drums.

I hope they end up married forever and have this one and many more babies.

I’m serious, but knowing the longevity of celebrity relationships and marriages, don’t want to get my hopes up.

Earlier this month, Akanishi picked up Nishiyama at her apartment in a minivan, and a reporter was able to capture the pair on camera as they drove off.Akanishi's management at Johnny's Jimusho stated that the two are just friends, while Nishiyama's agency declined to comment.Nishiyama later wrote about it on her blog, amused that she had been described as only "model-like" even though she is an actual model. Clubs in Tokyo—especially the upscale ones– can be pretty expensive: it is not unusual to pay an entrance charge of for guys and for girls. And the night doesn’t end before 5AM, which is when the metro opens (the Tokyo metro closes at midnight).

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