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To some extent, the formulation of a product determines its stability.Pills and capsules that are stored in a clean, dry, sealed container at room temperature tend to have a reasonably long shelf life.In other words, when you receive a prescription, you only use part of the capsules, pills or liquid and have some left over.So, what should you do with any leftover medication, and how long will it keep?Here’s something about which I get calls all the time. There don’t seem to be any published reports of toxicity in people from drugs used after their expiration date, whether those drugs are injected, ingested, or put on the skin.You come out to the barn and you find that your horse has a bit of swollen leg. I found one report, back in 1963, of damage to a person’s kidneys from an outdated antibiotic product, but that product isn’t available anymore, and it wasn’t the antibiotic that caused the problem.Rather, this date merely indicates that no significant chemical, physical or microbial degradation of the drug will occur before this date.

Anyway, you dig through your tack box and finally find a bottle of bute under one of the assorted colors of mismatched leg bandages that you keep. So the expiration date doesn’t really mean that the medication has become unsafe to use. Drug safety in the United States is the responsibility of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).But when the medication comes in an open bottle, once it’s opened and exposed to air, the expiry date on the packaging no longer applies.The United States Department of Defence’s Food and Drug Administration Shelf Life Extension Program has investigated the extent to which products are stable after their expiration date has been reached.Now if you take the nembutal out and mix it with something else at that point the ions would react causing it to degrade.Even changing the container would decrease the shelf life because the original bottle is sterilized which might not be the case with a new water bottle that you intend to use.

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