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Those friends reported that Rosa, an elementary school teacher, then went to one of their homes, just two doors down from the property owned by Bruce Fanning. Saturday, Rosa left his friend’s home for some fresh air, and “according to those guys, he never came back,” Dorcy said.

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, then 1) you already know what Seattle and the Northwest look like when they’re run-down and mostly abandoned, and 2) what Jessica Alba looks looks like in black leather.

But just in case you haven’t, we’ve rounded up a dozen hauntingly beautiful abandoned spots -- that should give you some idea about the former, but sadly not the latter (hint: it’s really good).

At Northern State Hospital’s height, it employed 1,000 people and housed more than 2,000 patients who were diagnosed with mental illnesses on a 225-acre campus.

The asylum closed its doors in 1973 and now houses a job corp organization and drug rehab center, but many of the old buildings are deteriorating and covered in graffiti, while a massive cemetery gives the grounds an eery vibe that's hard to shake off.

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